It was a late night. Dark, gloomy, and full of blood. It had been a year since the killer by the name of “Cooked” became known to the world. He had already killed thousands, nearly millions, if you would round it. He had gotten a visit from a mysterious man, and while attempting to stab the man, he found himself in a sharp state of dizziness. The man dodged and smacked Cooked on his back. The man had done what he needed to do, and left. Cooked rubbed his back and looked up, no longer seeing the mystery man. As he rubbed his back he found there a note. He was a little skeptical at first, but thought it best to read the note from the man who just bested him up. It was a short and simple letter stating,

“Hello there Cooked ^-^ I bet you are wondering who exactly I am, and I shall tell you in due time. All I shall tell you is that there is someone I want you to meet. I think you’ll take a liking to this man. If I’m correct you’ve seen him before, and he has seen you. Come to my island in exactly three days and come meet this man. Don’t worry about transportation, I’ll have the man who gave you this note come and pick you up. I hope you have a safe travel here and I shall have dinner waiting for you when you arrive. sincerely, Mr. ????”

Cooked didn't know how to react to this, but he got curious. A man he’s seen before but never talked to before. There are lots of people like that out there, but the fact that he knows him too, and has the same invitation, thrills him. He’s never had a planned murder before, it’s all been boredom for his purpose to kill. But now, he has his new victim.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Made by: TheCookedRice