1. No spamming pastas/blog posts.
  2. Spinoffs are allowed to the extent that it isn't copying the basics of another story.
  3. Use grammar to an acceptable sense. I know you don't want to be judged by typing ability, but it has to be readable, no?
  4. Do not connect your original stories to Agner's OC folder.
  5. Do not edit the main page at all.
  6. You may swear and cuss, but do not take severe advantage of this. Examples are cussing in every sentence.
  7. IF a story is taken down, do not come on chat about it. Blog posts are here.
  8. NSFW must be under consent of an admin after telling them exactly what it is, or use the NSFW template and let a Sysop revise it.

Rollback/Admin/Bcrat (Main Site)

1. If a story is deleted, provide a serious reason, other than "Quality control", provide the time it was deleted and who deleted it, along with a chance to appeal for deletion, on the users talk page.

2. Do not change categories or chat/site rules without conferring with other mods/admins/Bcrats/rollbacks.