For The UsersEdit

  1. No spamming caps.
  2. No inverted caps, LiKeThIs.
  3. No excessive roleplay.
  4. No use of slurs in a deragotry manner.
  5. No advertising more than 3 times per hour.
  6. No linking to other chats.
  7. No inter-wiki trolling, we do not need a CPW and Disney war.
  8. If drama is started in another wiki or a site not on Wikia, do not bring that drama here. You will be kicked immediately.
  9. No shock sites, We will not be held responsible for someone breaking ToU.
  10. No flamebating, trolling, or bashing other fandoms.


1. If a user is banned/blocked for a select amount of time, not permabanned/blocked, state a legitimate reason other than something like "Drama." Give an account on the talk page of what the user did, how long (s)he is banned/blocked, and a contact message other than this sites talk page, as blocked users can't reply.

2.  Do not kick for a stupid reason, such as, someone disagreeing with you.

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