Ok... Most will never believe me, and personally I could care less if you do but know this. this isn't some made up story no, I swear on my life this happened. As you know I'm RagetheKiller10, call me Rage.

It all started when I was driving home after a long day of errands. I looked out the side window as we drove past a fancy neighborhood. I saw him, in the distance in the road starring as my car past, or what it seemed sense he didn't have any facial features. I couldn't tell if he was turned away or not. Yes, I saw Slenderman. Strange thing, no cars or anyone in the streets were there. This image lasted a second before we zoomed past. This happened a few weeks ago and still I feel that urge to turn around and make sure no one is there.

Last night, I was in bed chatting on the Creepypasta wiki with some fans from my Rage the Insane before it was deleted. When I looked at the time, it was late; 5:06 AM. I turned it off and turned over trying to sleep. Suddenly I felt the heavy feeling of wanting to scream. I tried as hard as a could to keep my eyes closed because when I peeked I saw pale white skin. I felt like I was being watched the whole time, and I could hear wind blowing in my ears but there was no breeze in the room. After awhile the feelings, everything vanished and I fell into sleep.

I know what I saw, and, call me crazy but I know it isn't over yet. I'm sitting in the very room this happened, in the very bed, writing this... I still feel the urge to cry but I won't. Call me crazy, but I saw creepy things.