Okay so I know I've been doing nothing but CreepyPasta's on here, but I thought I might as well do a bit more. Well, this isn't exactly a pasta. This is more inspiration; With recent suicides and tragedies, it's hard to tell exactly what's good and bad in life. Happiness is harder to find. So this isn't going to be my normal pasta. Not even a pasta at all. I hope this will help someone out there.

Ones path to true freedom is to believe and love thyself and thy family and thy enemy. To have true peace and happiness, you must acquire it from the inside, from the lock and safe only you have. Some lose the key to that safe, and have no happiness, which usually doesn't end good. But those who keep it in an area they'll never loose it, keep happiness. But the first step in finding this key, is to be happy and love yourself. It's like cracking the safe open a little so you can let a little out. When that happens it will gradually get stronger and stronger as time progresses. As it does, it will help you find that key. Some keys are easier to find than others. Some have more than one key so it's easier. But once you find that key, you have true freedom. It doesn't matter what kind of life you have as long as you have happiness and joy and fun and a great time. Find your key, or keys, and unlock that safe. Once it is done, nothing can bring you down. Not even your own self-esteem.